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Design & Build’ is one of two main procurement routes that clients can choose to realise their building project – the other being the more traditional method of a tendered contract.  The main difference is that whereas a tendered contract involves the contractor only after the design and planning phase, Design and Build involves the contractor right from the start of the process, meaning the contractor assists with the design, planning permissions, building control, building regulations, contract creation, contract administration and the actual building works.


Kingsmen offer both a traditional tendering process and Design and Build Services.  On a Design and Build contract we can work alongside a design team who we can advise and collaborate with to achieve your project design to your budget and requirements.  Kingsmen are also able to provide recommendations for Architects, Engineers and other specialists who form the design team and ensure all work is designed to the relevant legal standards as well as realising your wishes.

Design and Build Services

Why might you choose Design and Build over contract tender? 


As opposed to tendering, which by default engenders a ‘them and us’ situation before the contract even begins, D&B allows for an integrated, collaborative partnership between client and contractor, wherein we as the contractor can contribute to the design and materials procurement at the same time as monitoring costs and helping you stay on budget.

We can help ensure that the ‘Employer’s Requirements’, which is the document that is priced to form the contract sum, truly encapsulates the design, is fully inclusive and leaves minimal, if no necessity for later variation and added cost.  This very rarely happens in a tendered contract.


There are many variations and options within the Design and Build method so it can be tailor made for your needs. We would be delighted to discuss these with you further.

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