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For Architects

You provide us with a significant proportion of our workload and so our relationship with your practice is extremely important to us.  We work hard to build and maintain long lasting trust between us  ensuring that on every project your vision and standard are fully realised and the experience is enjoyable for all parties.


From the pre-contract meeting to practical completion, our aim is to produce clear and timely communications, accurate programmes, detailed valuation documentation and open and transparent pricing of variations. High quality craftsmanship and safe working conditions are consistently monitored on site. 


We have found that  being able to deliver these aims is entirely dependent on the following key elements:


  • Clear and detailed tender bids.

  • Careful and precise planning and programming pre-contract.

  • A fully comprehensive pre-contract meeting.

  • Robust project management and site supervision.

  • Well researched procurement and ongoing value engineering.

  • Ongoing training and monitoring of all staff.

  • Simple, clear and workable communications and support systems.

  • A pleasant and friendly site team.

For Clients

Our success can only be truly measured by the strength of our reputation.  This means that for us, each and every project must go exceptionally well and finish exceptionally well.  We want nothing less than for you to enjoy the process and be thrilled with the result.  From the moment you engage us at tender until we pack up and leave you in peace to enjoy your property, our entire workforce is committed to making this happen and we take immense pride in delivering what we believe to be outstanding service.  The glue that holds it all together is meticulous project management.  To that end you can expect from us the following as standard:


  • Clear and accurate pricing.

  • Timely and articulate communications.

  • Simple and concise management systems.

  • Discretion.

  • Fairness and transparency.

  • The best craftsmen.

  • Commitment to the programme.

  • Excellent after sales care.

For Everyone

Kingsmen use a cloud based management software system called BuilderTREND. This can be accessed by all involved in a project via the internet, allowing all documents, messages, actions and information to be held in a single, secure place and be instantly accessible by everyone from anywhere.


Find out more at or ask us for a demonstration or further information.

"What marks them out is their flexible, common-sense approach to working with both architects and clients. "

 - Architect

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